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MK Photography offers a comprehensive list of photographic and videography services as well as a mobile studio. We cover weddings, wedding parties, product photography, model portfolios, corporate videos and function photography, to name a few. If what you are looking for does not fall under our list of options, we can easily put together a quotation upon request. We have the equipment, we have the talent, the job can be done.

We give a lot of attention to the corporate and professional world. Both photography and videography are great pursuits to assist companies in so many professional endeavours. However, in this month’s newsletter we take a look at projects that were a little more on the personal side than the professional side.

One of which was a photo shoot prior to a matric farewell and another which was a private birthday party. Have a look at some of the images. In the photos one can see that the birthday party had a theme and one can almost feel the atmosphere.

Both of these events were intimate in nature and important moments in the lives of these clients. It always feels somewhat robotic when we refer to our projects as projects. In actuality we are assisting our clients in capturing precious moments on photo and, therefore, preserving visual memories. It would be more accurate to say that these were just two instances in which we assisted people capture their memories.

We get called to do all kinds of projects and we certainly have enjoyed a variety of photographic situations, but it’s really these events that speak in a language other than words, a language that speaks rather with feeling.

The definition of photography is an obvious one in today’s ever-growing interest in the art of photography, by both professionals and amateurs, but in truth there is more to capturing these moments than the mere technical capability of handling a camera. It is an art form in more than one way and it takes a skilled artist to bring such life to these moments that the memory of it can still be felt years into the future.

So when we share these incredible moments with our audience we bring forth a piece of art and a glimpse of something that will last for as long as digital media will stand.

When our services are used we consider location, environment, theme, light and the subject and use all these combined elements, or as much of it as possible, to put the event on photo. Sometimes a perfect photographic moment is so volatile it takes a true artist to convey the moment in such reality that one can almost hear the music in that moment when put on photo.

We treat these projects like art because they are art.

The trade did not get its motto from nothing…It is true that a photo speaks a thousand words…if done right, a thousand-and-one.

Let us help you capture your special memories and preserve those moments forever.

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