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Aerial photography has definitely trended over the past years and used to only be possible with helicopters, which contributed a lot of sound interference to footage. Now we have drones.

To be clear, a drone is a remote controlled gadget with a built in camera, which allows you to either photograph or videograph from the sky or other difficult to reach angles. While many have taken to this gadget with enthusiasm, it has an art about it too...as with all photography.

Drones are definitely a convenient contribution to event photography in the sense that it has the ability to capture whole crowds in one image from high angles. The whole event can be caught on camera. This has contributed to crowd safety as well.

In addition to this, capturing photos from difficult or otherwise impossible angles is probably its most likable feature. The drone can move into certain angles otherwise disruptive if attempted by a traditional photographer and so works to get those beautiful shots without hindering anyone. Of course this also means images taken from the sky.

Another remarkable feature with drones is that it can video the event. Which means again that video can be taken from high angles as well as move through crowds and events, producing a remarkable re-experience. Also the smoothness with which the drone moves is a fantastic element to consider and can't easily be outdone by a traditional photographer.

Event and aerial photography is a whole new world for events. So much more is possible.

Despise events, aerial photography works brilliantly for sport events as well.

We can aid your event with traditional and aerial photography.

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