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Wedding photography has become a popular art with all the different photo shoot ideas around it. In the old days, your photographer captured the important moments; the exchange of the rings, the kiss, a crying groom, family photos and a few cute braid’s maids and groom’s men photos. Now, in some cases, even as much as two hours are allocated to wedding photography. The results are true works of art, however.

You can consult our agency for assistance with a wedding photography. We use state of the art equipment and offer photography ideas for the shoot. Some examples include feet/shoe photos, dragging a hesitant groom to the altar, blowing the groom away with magical powers and lifting the bride as if crowd surfing. There are also photo frame ideas as well as photo booth options, which can be made fun with a series of photo props. For the couples who don’t want to break away from their guests during the wedding might also consider a wedding shoot prior to the wedding. This can be done with wedding attire.

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info@mk-photography.co.za | 064 879 2671 | www.mk-photography.co.za


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